Bomb weekly event, big reward upto $100

Head tail most played event, reward weekly upto $300

(600 bombs x 0.5$)

WEEKLY: From 00h00 - Monday to 24h00 Sunday

Top 1: 250 bombs, top 2: 200 bombs, top 3: 100 bombs, top 4: 50 bombs

Support: [email protected]

Good luck!
Head or Tail MD5: Win 195%

Bet on HEAD

Win: 0 - Lose: 0
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Bet on TAIL

Game Hash = MD5(Face-Key) Face-Key Chose Result

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What's Next Game Hash?

When you play HEAD or TAIL, our system show the winning face BEFORE you begin to play, and displays the result on the page in an encrypted way, called Next Game Hash, for example e8d78cd5974fa3776f568f03602d587d (It means that we had your result before you place your choice). For each game we generate a randomized key, of 20 characters long, for example ft9d5LcJvHzYmhSCZWaU, then we organize the winning face and the key like this: HEAD-ft9d5LcJvHzYmhSCZWaU or TAIL-ft9d5LcJvHzYmhSCZWaU and we calculate the MD5 hash of this string. In our example, the MD5 hash of HEAD-ft9d5LcJvHzYmhSCZWaU is e8d78cd5974fa3776f568f03602d587d, so the results of the game must be HEAD. MD5 is a strong encryption algorithm that cannot be broken today and where each MD5 string matches with one unique non encrypted string. You can find MD5 generators here. After you flip the coin, we disclose the winning face with the key, and you can verify that their MD5 hash exactly match with the data that was published BEFORE you played.

That is the proof that WE PLAY FAIR, none cheating anyone.
Last winners
User Reward
LoveMd5 250 bombs
doge 200 bombs
vietleter 100 bombs
shark 50 bombs

Top player: 300$
Top 1: 250(bombs), top 2: 200(bombs), top 3: 100(bombs), top 4: 50(bombs)
User Score
doge 2762
onlylove 1782
shark 1775
Giangcoi 1714
takumi 1541
pah2014 1534
LoveMd5 1122
TieuHo 1113
zhou 1007
arifudin 893

User $
arifudin 13
kontolio212 1
WEqazwsxedcWE 1.2
WSX 1.2
phuongpham 62.73
brondluvet 1.16
EDC 1.2
QAZ 1.2
arifudin 8
doge 20
TieuHo 30

User $
arifudin 6
doge 35
LoveMd5 22
arifudin 1
takumi 17
pah2014 10
arifudin 6.7
arifudin 1.9
arifudin 6
arifudin 8
langtusitinh 18
trada 3.6